AVG to Tamhat: A guide for AVG Antivirus

Momentary Guide to Installing AVG Antivirus:

Make sure you got a up-to-date computer with all goodies installed. Hard disk size doesn’t matter for installing antivirus. What matters the most is RAM. We need to have a good DDR 2 or DDR 3 RAM to run best antivirus software.

And make sure you have license for the antivirus ready before installing.

If you are using Windows operating system you can just put in the CD/DVD into the drive & auto play pops up proceed further with Next & install. But if you are using Mac OS or Linux operating system. I would recommend you to install by reading installation guide. I cannot guide you as I’m not expert of Mac or Linux.

More over selecting a good antivirus program is crucial for your computer. I recommend AVG antivirus. Which is the best antivirus I’ve ever seen. This antivirus provide you a seamless installation process & utterly impossible virus removal. Maximizing probability of virus removal can only be possible if you keep your antivirus up-to-date like this http://www.securitytechreviews.com/avg-antivirus-support/

When you are ready. Double click on setup. When pop up comes click on next & finish the installation. It may ask you to restart the computer. Please don’t hesitate to do that. Which is very much required as it keep some files in registry to keep antivirus running anytime.

After you restart. Double click on AVG icon on desktop & make sure you see that AVG window & select settings properly. This open up a new setting window. Which contains Firewall setup, Antivirus settings, Web scan settings and so on.

Firewall is most important component in AVG which controls incoming & outgoing traffic fromĀ & to computer. You can just block a program/software to not to communicate with internet using firewall. I recommend you to turn it on.

Antivirus settings. It will ask you to choose quick scan or advanced scan. You can choose any. Make sure you select quarantine settings as well. Check the check mark which says. make sure it will turn on when we start the computer immediately.